The Stork's Nest

August 2008

Saturday, August 2nd

Topsoil and sidewalk

We finally accepted the fact that without Rick, we could not get enough topsoil
to finish backfilling the entry to our house (it had settled over a foot during the
winter). So we called to have a large truckload delivered. Poor Matthew ended up
spending his entire Saturday helping Fred and I spreading and leveling all that
topsoil! Here he is using Kyle, perched on a tool (like a potato masher) to tamp
down the soil before we set the stones for our walkway.

Next we had to (AGAIN) set the stones for the sidewalk. This involved
removing all the stones, laying mulch film over the new topsoil, laying a
bed of sand, collecting more stones, and placing them to form a level,
wider and beautiful new walkway to our front door.

Monday, August 4th

After consulting with Ellen, Rick's girlfriend and master gardener, we decided
to plant clover to prevent erosion of our new topsoil, giving us more time to
plan what to plant in the fall...a more advantageous time to do a major planting.
In just a few days, the clover was already coming up!

Sunday, August 10th

This week Fred's sister and brother-in law, Peg and Ray, came to visit
On Sunday, the entire family gathered to visit with Aunt Peg and Uncle Ray.

Left to right:
Heather's friend, Miker, Heather,
Aunt Peg, Rene' and the back
of Stephanie's head.

Left to Right:
Heather, Aunt Peg, Rene', Matthew,
Trevor, Stephanie and Uncle Ray.

Aunt Peg, Ray, Nicole and Uncle Ray.

A perfect ending to the day.

Saturday, August 16th

Nothing special...just a beautiful moment as the sun streamed into the Great Room.

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