The Stork's Nest

September 2007

Saturday, September 1st

Boys and Dogs and Mud Puddles

As little boys (and dogs) will do...Kyle, Jeremy (and Molly)
discovered a mud puddle to ride their bikes through!

Once they got a little muddy, they really got into it.

Soon they were literally covered in mud!

So I "made" them all jump in the lake to
wash it all off.

Sunday, September 2nd

The Entry Backfilling and Walkway

Rick brought his tractor and dug up
some lovely topsoil out of the woods.

Rick's girlfriend, Ellen, Fred and I, Matthew,
Rene', Ryan, Dani and her friend, Natalie
all helped empty each load out of the gator.


The girls brought load after load
which we dumped and spread behind
the retaining wall and up against the deck

While the girls went to get the next load,
we shoveled, spread and raked it level.

Rick scooped up gravel and poured it between
the dirt and the wall for good drainage.

Aren't machines (and their operators)
wonderful? He did in a few minutes
what would have taken us hours!

Matthew and the boys went up on the hill in the woods
and found us a bunch of large, flat rocks for a walkway.

Rene' and her family helped us place
these stones in a bed of sand.

I love the level entrance from the drive and the curves and angles.
The stone walkway is the perfect touch!

Sunday, September 23rd

More Retaining Wall

Kylene and David (and their girls,
Naudia and Zeran) continued work on
the retaining wall.

It's hard, hot work!
But they are doing an awesome job.

It will soon be done!

Sunday, September 30th


Sunday, September 30th

Visit from a Blue Heron

What a thrill when this blue heron landed on our lake!

He wandered the edges, fishing as he went.

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