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November 2007

December 2007

Japanese Maple Tree

In November, my midwifery friends planted this lovely little Japanese Maple Tree in our front yard, in memory of our son, Rick.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Fireplace

Jonny Stone returned today to do the
stonework around our fireplace.

He started with the stones
over the mantelpiece.

Look how thoughtfully he fit the stones
together with little or no space between them.

Next he put the stones on the front of the
hearth and cut the slate hearthstones.


Then he placed the stones
around the fireplace itself

Finally, he began grouting between the stones.

Jonny is clearly an artist.
Such attention to detail!

Thanks, Jonny! It's beautiful!

Monday, December 17th

The Driveway and the Cedar Ceiling

Today, our dear neighbor, Eldon, did major
repairs to our driveway. He reshaped it
to make the water drain to the downhill side
preventing the formation of ruts in the drive.

Then he delivered and spread
tons of stone. It is now a dream to drive!

I had originally planned to build the cedar ceiling in the octogon myself. However, after breaking my arm, I finally had to admit to myself that I would be unable to lift the boards over my head. So, I asked Mark, the framer, if he could do the ceiling for me. Mark, Richie and Chris came today to do the job.

They began by measuring, remeasuring and snapping lines on the OSB to guide them as they placed the cedar boards on the ceiling. The cedar boards are tongue and groove so they were able to nail through the groove so none of the nails will show.

Carefully, they formed the octogon.

Next, the slipped each board into the groove
and nailed it down.

All the boards are up. A round trim piece was
placed in the center and two of the trim boards
have been placed between the sections.

  I love it!

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