The Stork's Nest

June 2007

Slow Healing

It was a very long winter and spring. I never dreamed a broken arm could be so complicated and take so long to heal! Aside from physical therapy three times a week, I was unable to drive for three months! Consequently, little was accomplished at the Stork's Nest over the winter and spring.

April 8th: Rick brought his tractor out to the house to smooth the driveway and repair the ruts and washouts. He did a great job!

April 14: Fred and Matthew worked on completing the framework for the rest of the catwalk. It was a VERY cold and windy day!

As usual, Kyle was right by his dad's side!

While Rene', Matthew and grandson Trevor screwed down the decking boards, I hugged the wall! (Actually, I was pretty proud of myself for even being out there on the deck!

Now that he is a teenager, Trevor is a huge help.

At the end of the day, the catwalk was complete all the way to the Master Bathroom.

April 18th: After almost three years of waiting to see it, on this day the board that will become our mantelpiece was delivered. When we cleared the site for the house, we had to (sadly) cut down a cherry tree. This tree was taken to a mill and later cut into this board and planed. Next, we will cut the ends to match the shape of the hearth and router the edges and finally sand it to a fine finish. I believe I will just oil the wood and permit it to darken to a deep red as it ages.

April 29th: This weekend, Matthew and Fred finished the framework for the small deck outside the Master Bathroom.

If we don't run out of money by the time we finish, this deck will be for a hot tub.

May 20th: Fred and I planted annual ryegrass and Dutch White Clover on the dam and covered it with straw. Within the week of short showers and sunshine every single day, you could see both the ryegrass and the clover peeking through the straw. This weekend we also cleaned up a lot of constructon debris and mowed the weeds.

Although I did not take photos, much of this month was spent installing, staining and finishing interior doors, staining and finishing the screens for the sliding glass doors and finishing the cedar boards that will go in the ceiling of the great room. On Memorial Day weekend, all the children came to visit. Rick bought us a new "gator" which is much easier for me to drive and the girls planted lots of seeds and bulbs and created some beautiful rock gardens.

June 5th-8th

Deck Railing

Recovery from this injury has been all about letting go and acceptance. Realizing, finally, that I am no longer physically able to do many of the things I had planned to and looked forward to doing, I hired the crew that framed my house to do many of the things I am just not able to do.

Tuesday: Today Doug and my old friend, Richie, came to begin work on the deck railing. They spent the day cutting posts and spindles in preparation for assembly this week. Sad as it was to let that project go, it was exciting to see the work begin!

Wednesday: Richie began setting the first posts.

The posts are set.

Thursday: Work begins.

First section of railing goes up!

Grandson Ray built a bridge
from the shore to the floating dock!

No more "walking the plank" to get to the dock!

Monday: The Screened-in Porch

Just the right size for a rousing game of cards
on a hot summer night!

When the retaining wall is built, the entry
will be in the area where there is no railing.

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