The Stork's Nest

July 2007

Thursday July 5th

Retaining Wall

Now that the deck is completed, we can begin work on the retaining wall.

The gravel, sand and Versa-Lok
blocks were delivered today.

As usual, it was a challenge for this
deliveryman to work around my trees.

But he did a great job of placing the pallets
close to where they will be used!

And a good thing, too, as he said each block
weighed 80 lbs.!

Saturday, July 7th

David and Kylene came today to start the wall. How exciting!

First they dug the earth (hard clay!) down about 9"
carefully leveling the hole. Then they shoveled in
6 inches of "berm material" (gravel) and then
an inch of sand.

They packed it all down and again checked it for level.

As David carried these very heavy blocks and
set them in place, leveling this first course carefully,
Kylene swept them clean, inserting pins to tie the
blocks together and hold the second course, in alignment
with the first course....a foolproof system!

Then they poured drainage gravel behind the blocks
and packed virgin soil in front of the blocks.


David even had to use a masonry saw to cut some of the
blocks in half so the courses could be staggered.

It's really coming together now! And I love how the
blocks look. This is the straight portion of the
wall that is below the deck.

July 9th - Pella Screens


Finally we finished staining all the parts for our windows
and Ryan, from Pella, came to install the screen doors.

Now our sliding glass doors have retractable,
roll-up screen doors so on a pleasant day, we
can enjoy the fine weather...bug free!

July 14 - More Wall, Guests and Sculpture

This weekend David and Kylene made great
progress on the retaining wall. It is beginning to
curve around and up the hill.

We also had our first official visitors, Peg and Ray,
Fred's sister and brother-in-law. Molly treated
everyone to a shower after retrieving
her Frisbee from the lake!

Stephanie and I also hung this lovely garden sculpture on the wall inside the screened-in porch. This was a gift from MANA for serving as their 1st Vice President.

July 28th...more wall