The Stork's Nest

August 2007

Thursday, August 2nd


Finally stonework has resumed.

Jonny is putting chicken wire up on the chimney.

The rest of the stones are delivered!

Jonny begins work on the entry walls.

Monday, August 6th

The chimney is finally more Tyvek words on my house! Ha!

While we were off at Stephanie's wedding,
David and Kylene made a huge amount
of progress on the retaining wall! Wow!

Jonny began putting up the stones around the entry.
It's like a huge jigsaw puzzle.
He is truly an artist!.

Tuesday, August 7th: The entry is almost done!
Look how tightly he fitted the stones.

I just love it!


Wednesday, August 8th: The entry is done!

Jonny's rapid progress has me swooning!

Thursday, August 9th

My Mantelpiece


Sadly, when we excavated for the house,
we had to cut down a cherry tree, so we
saved it and had it made into a mantelpiece.
Today Mark came to finish and mount it.

First he drilled holes in the back for the pegs
that would hold the mantel to the wall. Then
he sanded the entire board.

Next, he put a routered edge on both the
top and the bottom edges of the mantel to
give it a bit of "style".

Mark brought in some help...his son,
Tyler (orange shorts) and Tyler's friend,
Tony. It was quite a struggle to get the
mantel lined up on the pegs!

After many attempts, they finally got it up
and firmly attached to the wall.

Even though it would all have to come down
again, I could not resist putting some
decoration on my new mantelpiece!

The overall look is just what I imagined. We
carefully covered the mantel to protect it during
the stonework. After Jonny finishes the stonework,
I plan to simply oil the wood, rather than finish it.
Over time, oiled cherry turns a deep red.

Saturday, August 18th

Backfilling the Retaining Wall

Today our son, Rick, brought his tractor out
to help us backfill behind the retaining wall.
Our grandson, Christopher, 3 (Stephanie's
son) was his able helper!

And I should point out, Christopher took
his job VERY seriously!

We still have a ways to go, but slowly we are
backfilling behind the retaining wall. In the end
it will be level from the driveway to the deck.

On Sunday, Fred and I continued the work,
shoveling both gravel and dirt behind the wall.
We also gained enormous respect for Rick's
skill running that tractor. It is NOT as easy
he made it look!


August 29-30th

Today Jonny brought an assistant, Katie, who
toted stones and kept him supplied with a
variety of sizes to choose from.

Now he's working his way up the chimney!

Yikes! He's way up there now!

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