The Stork's Nest

January 2006


January 6th: The wall insulation was completed last week and we passed that inspection on Wednesday. On Thursday the drywallers finished up the ceilings and started on the walls. On Friday, the insulators blew in insulation above the ceilings!


I love the way the lighting cove looks around the octogon. And just imagine how wonderful it will look once I put up the cedar ceiling in the octogon.

Best of all...even though we had no source of heat going while we were there, it was at least 15 degrees warmer in the house now!


Just imagine how warm it would be if we turned on the heat, even for a short time!

This is our den before Fred and I cleaned up. It is really beginning to look like a real house! This room will house our TV, computers and generally be our "make a mess room."


This is looking the other way in the same room. Dan, the drywaller, and his helper, Todd, are completing the lower half of the wall in this room. Looks like a real house, huh!

This is the same room - the den - and the drywall is almost finished!


This is the kitchen. You can see the finished soffit here. There are lights in the soffits that will shine down on the countertops. The holes will not be cut in the drywall for them until later.

This is the Master Bath. Notice this drywall is a slightly different color. It is called "greenboard" and is moisture resistent. The shower surround looks pink in this picture, but is really more like peach and once the walls are done, will look more like off white with a slightly reddish tint to go with the cherry cabinets.


This is the garage. The walls have not been started here yet, but the ceilings are done. And hey! Look! Electric lights!

Saturday, January 7th

Today I fixed the hardware on the front door.


Okay, so the first time I put the handle on backwards :-(

Dan worked on the Master Bedroom. It is almost complete...just the door to the Master Bath needs to be finished.


These photos look toward the door to the Master Bath. I have a beautiful French Provincial antique vanity table that will go on that angled wall.

And my big project: I framed an opening in the den wall...all by myself! This will be an opening into the closet. Behind the opening will be shelves in the closet for my video editing equipment and monitor.


The equipment will actually be on open shelves in the closet but the fronts of the VCRs and TV monitor will face into the den. right next to my computer table, for easy access. The shelves will be open so from the closet I will be able to easily change the cables on the VCRs when necessary.

Tuesday, January 17th

Pocket doors

Dan installs the pocket door frames.

Monday, January 23rd

Drywall is almost all hung!

The living room is an octogon. The shelf at the top of the wall is a lighting cove. There will be track lighting hidden in the lighting cove that will shine up onto a cedar tongue and groove ceiling. The cleared area you can see outside the windows will all be lake when the dam is done. (Need some dry weather to be able to finish the dam.)


We have made a mantelpiece from a cherry tree we had to cut down to build the house. The mantelpiece will span the entire wall about a foot above the top of the fireplace. Below the mantelpiece, stone will cover the entire wall. Above the mantelpiece there will only be stone in the center above the fireplace, so it will appear to be the chimney.

You can see more of the lake site here. To the right in this photo is a step up that is the dining room (but there are no is all one big room, dining room, entry and kitchen). Outside those windows and the sliding glass door will be more deck, wrapping around the house and right on the edge of the lake.


This is looking the other way in the same room. The door to the left leads down the hall to a half bath, the stairway to the downstairs and the Master Bedroom. Where the scaffolding is will be a antique drop leaf desk I have and where I plan have cookbooks, phone, do grocery lists, etc. The door in the middle leads to my office. The soffit with can lights to the right will be above a breakfast bar at the edge of the kitchen. (What looks like a small pile of wood on the floor is actually a wire that will feed an outlet in the bar once the cabinets are in.) And the door to the right, which is actually in the kitchen is to my pantry. Both the office and the pantry will have pocket doors. 

Thursday, January 26th

A big surprise!

Today Fred and I went to the Stork's Nest to move 50(!) bales of straw out of the garage where they were in the way of the drywall work to some skids outside the house. Exhausting work for two old folks, but we did it....and covered the stack of straw with a big tarp to keep it dry until we are ready to spread it over the ground covers we will plant on the dam and around the edge of the lake.

We also met with the framer who came to work on his "punch out list". Unfortunately, although we talked about what needed to be done, no work was done today.

But the big surprise was that Dave Smith, the lake excavator, was there when we arrived. We had been told he would not be able to continue his work on the dam unless we had a "hard freeze" (not THIS has been a very mild winter) or until the ground dried up (right now it is a big mud pit!).

First, Stan carefully filled in the ditches that hold our electrical wires and well water lines.


These ditches have been sitting open for months! I was thrilled to see them filled in.



Then they started moving the big pipes from the driveway to the dam.


They laid them out on top of the dam. Currently the creek water passes through the crevice in the dam, just beyond the trackhoe. (hard to see)


It is hard to see here, but they have laid 2 pipes into the crevice and are now covering them with earth. If you look carefully, you can see the creek water backing up to the left of the trackhoe.

Here they are preparing to attach the 3rd pipe that will go under the dam.


Now Stan swings the 3rd pipe into place.


They carefully line them up...

...and hook them together!


And now they cover this one, too, with earth!

If you look carefully, you can see the creek now running THROUGH the pipes and under the dam! Yea! Next they will build the "key" which will go up to where we want the surface of the water to be, and the lake will begin to fill.


Just for fun...I taped a photograph of the stone that will surround the fireplace onto the drywall next to the fireplace. (Of course, the actual stones will be larger than they appear in this photograph.) Cool, huh?

Saturday, January 28th

Today it was 65 degrees! Though I planned to take a day off, with the warm weather, I could not pass up an opportunity to go finish some more windows!

Work on the dam continues. Stan tells me that they will be ready to allow the lake to begin to fill in 2 weeks at the latest! He says there is lots of "good material" so we should have no problem with the lake leaking. The dam itself is 80-100 feet wide (upstream to downstream) there should never be an issue with the dam giving way, regardless of the flow of water. They are lining the lake with clay and other "good material" in this photo. Dave tells me that he will have to come back when the ground dies up to "dress" the edges of the lake and the top of the dam with topsoil. Then I can plant groundcovers for erosion control.


Dave had made a small island in the lake for me and then planted a group of 3 dogwoods on it (they may not survive the move, but they would have been underwater where they were growing and would have died for sure, so we gave it a shot). Look closely about the center of the photo. You can see tracks that lead uphill to the top of the island and 3 trunks that are a bit lighter in color - and you can see the water collecting (white areas) behind the island.

Today I slogged through the mucky mud and raked the dirt back off the roots so it would not suffocate the trees. Then I talked to the dogwoods about how I was doing what I could to help them it was up to them!

To the right of the dogwood trunks, you can see several dark bumps. I mentioned to Stan during their lunch break that when I was out there raking, I had noticed several large rocks in the lake basin and I would love it if he would push them up on the island to give it some character....and so he did!


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