The Stork's Nest

September 2006

Thursday, September 14th


Wednesday night Mike put up some of the upper kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem and were unable to finish. 

The porch ceiling is finished! Well, actually, we still need to put up a bit of trim, do the stonework, screen in the rectangular portion and hang the ceiling fan/light.

The truck arrives and they begin to unload my long awaited countertops.

This is part of the big piece for the bar.

It seems they made the countertop and then cut it apart to get it in the truck to get it here. I was horrified!

To put it back together, they first glued a wood strip to the bottom of the countertop.

Then they attached some kind of high tech clamps to hold it together while the glue dried.

Those plates were hooked up to some kind of air compressor that created suction to pull the countertop level and tight together.

Next they put in the countertop for the island. It has an overhang on each side so I can put barstools there and sit while cooking or feed some grandchild.

Next was the corner that will hold my cooktop.



Here they are cutting out the hole for the cooktop...

And gluing the countertop to the cabinets.

The hole is cut and they have lined it with a special heat tape to keep the cooktop from overheating the surrounding countertop.

And here the cooktop is in place.

Now that the glue is dry, they begin sanding off the excess glue.

And sanding, and sanding, and sanding.

Look closely...can YOU see the line where they glued the countertop back together?

Brian is drilling the holes for the faucets.

And here they are installing the backsplash.


The Guest Bath

The Master Bath

Saturday, September 16



Saturday morning they began the remaining plumbing work.


It is so exciting to think about finally having water.


Meanwhile, Matthew installed the upper cabinets over the cooktop.


Just two more cabinets to go. One over the refrigerator and one between the door and the window.

Monday, September 18th


What an exciting day! Here the kitchen sink fixtures are being installed. I was worried about these modern style fixtures, but I love them!


Now they are installing the dishwasher and disposal.


Whoo hoo! The first toilet to be set!


After 6 years of using a porta-potty, this was quite a thrill!


Master bath sink fixtures.


Drilling the holes for the Jacuzzi fixtures.


The shower....partly done.


The Guest Bath almost done (needs faucet handles).


Oh wow! Water!


The kitchen sink is done.


They also plumbed the refrigerator so I have cubed or crushed ice and chilled, filtered water. When I was here after dark, Molly and I kept hearing a strange noise in the was actually freaking us out a bit...then I realized it was the ice maker...dropping ice cubes into the empty ice bucket! LOL

And the Master Bath sinks are done...still waiting for the upper cabinets and the mirror.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 22-24, 2006

Preparing for Final Inspection

In preparation for our final inspection, we made a list of those things that still needed to be done. And some we did just to please me esthetically... :-)


With almost all the cabinets in, I got brave and drilled holes in all the doors and drawers for the knobs and installed them.


Matthew set the appliance garage and the dish cabinet over it. We still need to complete the trim around these cabinets.


Matthew wired the cooktop and we tried it out.


He also wired the exhaust fan and I spackled the hole (we had to move the wire up out of sight).


Next he wired the garbage disposal.


Fred and I closed in this step in the living room and Matthew adjusted the outlets so they will accommodate the carpeting.


Matthew then wired the switch in the Master Bedroom for the catwalk lights.


Moving to the Master Bath, he attached the ground wire from the Jacuzzi motor to the cold water pipe.


The other end of the 3-way catwalk lights and a switch for future hot tub lights.


We had to install covers on the outlets in the laundry until we purchase the washer and dryer. On Monday, Fred and I finally chose those two appliances, but since we still have to complete the counter and floor in this room, we will not take delivery until the end of October.


Matthew installed three electric smoke alarms...this one in the hall, one in the Master Bedroom and one by the furnance. He also put up the cover over the whole house fan in the hallway.


And he wired the doorbell chime in the hallway. I may stain this to match the cherry in the rest of the house.


One of these workshop lights had never been wired and the other two had never been reattached to the ceiling after the drywallers finished priming.


Fred built this step between the garage and the kitchen...replacing a pile of wood that has been there since the beginning of framing. It is much more secure now...and LOOKS good, too.


We had to replace this outlet for the garage door opener.


We had to move this light at the bottom of the stairs and change it to a can light. When the stairs were built, the height of the landing made the light too low.


This is the smoke detector by the furance.


Matthew then wired the hot water heater to meet code.


Moving outside, Matthew installed this motion sensor flood light outside the slider on the lower level. Last night Molly tested it for us by walking down past the deck in the dark. It works!


Then he installed the deck lights that we could reach...until the rest of the deck is completed.


Next we put up the entry lights. We had to mount them on wood until the stonework is done.


And here is the doorbell (in case you did not know, we labeled it...LOL...actually that label had been to identify the wire that has been there for a long time now.)


And finally, he wired the ceiling fan light for the screened in porch...I still have to balance it.


Wednesday: When I woke up this morning and looked out the bedroom windows from my bed, I was struck by how very fortunate I am to be greeted by this view each morning!


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