The Stork's Nest

October 2006

Sunday, October 1st

Laundry Room

First we joined the two halves of the countertop and mounted them to the wall. Here Matthew is preparing to cut the hole for the sink.

Kyle is holding the board still so Matthew can cut the luaun that will be the underlayment for the vinyl floor.

Next we nailed the luaun over the subfloor and filled any nail holes and the seams so the floor would be perfectly flat and smooth.

Kyle helped, too.

Next I made a template of the floor to use as a pattern for cutting the vinyl flooring.

Kyle helped me tape the template to the floor.

After Matthew used the template to cut the flooring, we rolled up half of the floor and spread the adhesive on the luaun underlayment.

After the adhesive "breathed" for a few minutes, we rolled out the flooring.

Starting at the center of the floor, we used a rolling pin to press the flooring out and push out any bubbles.

I used a wallpaper seam roller to press down the edges for a tight fit.


Once the floor was smooth, Matthew cut out the hole for the heat duct.



The laundry is complete and ready for the plumber to return on Tuesday to hook up the sink. The appliances will be delivered at the end of this month.



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