The Stork's Nest

November 2006

Friday, November 3rd

The deck project is finally moving again!

With the completion of the deck being the only remaining project which must be completed for the final inspection...and after 26 months of waiting for the deck to be completed...

I worked out a barter with Todd. Rather than wait for Dave to come dig the remaining holes, Todd hand dug the holes and poured footers.

He carefully measured the location of each hole. We had to have the holes inspected, so Todd was unable to set the poles this weekend.

On Monday, the inspector came and inspected the holes. Now that the inspector has approved the holes, we can finally get going on this deck! Pray for warm weather!

Saturday, November 4th

Finishing Kitchen Cabinets and Laundry Room

Damon and Matthew came to install the last kitchen cabinet....the one over the refrigerator.

They did a great job! Finally the room looks done!

And now that the cabinet is in, I was able to take the protective coating off the front of the fridge!

I just love the look of the entire kitchen!

They also did some finish work around the appliance garage.

They cut and attached trim pieces on each side of these two cabinets so it looks finished.

And here is the project supervisor...

L'il Abby!

Next they moved on to the Laundry...

...installing the washer and dryer.

Hey! It works!

I still need to find the perfect knobs for the cabinets.

Friday, November 10th

A busy week!

Taking advantage of Indian Summer with temperatures in the 70's, I put my nose to the grindstone and worked on finishing the downstairs windows.

Each window must have one coat of stain and 3 coats of polyurethane. Fred did all the staining earlier, so this week I got all three coats on 3 of the windows; two coats on one window and one coat on the 4 remaining windows.

On Saturday I removed the tape and washed the 3 completed windows. The next day over 50 degrees I hope to put the last coat on one window and the 2nd coat on the four remaining windows. After that, just one more coat to go! I am really sick of finishing windows!

After lunch I got a big surprise: Dave arrived with his bulldozer to finally spread the pile of topsoil on the dam!

Although he got all the topsoil spread, he was unable to give it a smooth finish as it was way too wet! He will have to return next week after it dries out a bit.

He also filled the electric ditch behind the house that had settled somewhat since he originally filled it and he generally smoothed the entire surface on that side of the house so it looks neat and smooth.

You can see here how rich and black the topsoil is. I will have to get some seed to keep the soil in place. Without my even asking, it turns out that Dave made some temporary repairs to the driveway on his way down the drive! What a gem!

And finally, he used the bulldozer to break up the concrete that was dumped in the driveway when the basement floor was poured and moved it into the area that will need to be filled to create an entry walkway. Once the retaining wall is built, it will still need more soil fill, but Dave feels certain we will have no problem finding more soil.

He also smoothed the whole area in front of the garage and around the entry. When he returns next week to finish the dam, he will also fill some of the driveway holes with gravel we have at the top of the driveway and dig a trench for the retaining wall.

Saturday, November 11th

Setting Posts for the Deck

Todd and his boys, Benjamin and Mosiah, set the posts for more of the deck while I continued to work on finishing the downstairs windows.

Friday, November 17th

Digging for the Retaining Wall



Stan came today to fill some holes in the driveway and dig a ditch for the retaining wall we will build by the entry to the house.

The retaining wall will curve out from the deck and up to the driveway and will be backfilled to make the ground level between the driveway and the deck.

He even smoothed out the soil around the retaining wall ditch and the driveway. Someday it will actually look like a front yard! LOL

Saturday, November 18th

The Deck Takes Shape!

Taking on the deck was a challenge for Todd. Not only did he have to finish the deck, he had to repair the damage caused by the boards being exposed to the elements for over two years....

...but Todd was up to the challenge!

On Sunday, Matthew drilled all the holes through each post and its 2x12's while I pounded 12" bolts through each hole and attached them with washers and nuts. We also added concrete to each of the recently set posts.

The framework took shape all the way around the octagon.


Tuesday, November 21st

Finally Visable Progress!

Todd pushed extra hard to finish this section before Thanksgiving when Fred and Rene' would be here to help me install the decking on this framework..


Wednesday, November 22nd

A Frosty Morning

For those of you who know me well, you probably won't believe this series of photos, but believe it or not, I was up taking photographs as the sun was just coming up!

I was struck by the beauty of each and every branch covered by frost that glistened on the trees.

As the sun reached the tops of the trees, the frost almost instantly melted.

The poor little (dead?) dogwoods on the island were especially coated with frost...just beautiful!

Thanksgiving Day

Master Bath Cabinets

As I prepared Thanksgiving dinner, I saw this on our little island....Can't see it? Look at the enlargement to the left ==>

A GREAT BLUE HERON! I was hoping for a photo of it taking off...but felt I could not wait - I had to get back to work on dinner. Then just as I turned around, it took off and I missed the photo!

After dinner, Damon and Matthew installed the upper cabinets in the master bathroom.


Friday, November 24th

More Decking

With the framework for this section of the deck complete, Fred, Rene' and I worked on screwing down the decking.

It's harder than it looks! By the end of the day, I was SORE...sore hands, sore knees, sore legs, sore chest! After some ibuprofen and a soak in the Jacuzzi, I fell asleep sitting up with my laptop in my lap!



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