The Stork's Nest

March 2006


Sunday, March 11, 2006

The Lake is Full!

The lake has been filling, but this week the spring rains have been heavy and unremitting, filling the lake completely!


These photos were taken from the deck, panning from left to right.

In this photo, you can see our tiny island.


And here you can see the dam on the right!

We wondered why the water looked so much deeper than we thought it would....then we discovered this....the grate where the overflow goes under the dam was totally clogged with debris. We are guessing the water is at least a foot over the grate. We are hoping this is simply because there was a lot of floating debris from the lake filling for the first time. Although we may need to clear the grate from time to time, we doubt it will ever be quite this clogged up again.


This is the overflow coming out below the dam...a huge amount of flow!


When Dave designed the lake, he included a swale at the far end of the dam to direct excess water around the dam so it would not wash the dam away when the water was high. You can see the water flowing around the end of the dam here. It is nice to know it works!

This is from the far side of the lake, looking back toward the house. Keep in mind that the water level is probably a foot higher that it would normally be.


This is a footbridge the children built over one of the creeks that feed the lake. Normally, I would expect the water to be about a foot below the bridge.

This is our little island. I would imagine that when the overflow grate is cleared, it would be a bit larger. If you look closely, you can see the dogwoods we planted on the island.


In a few months, when things dry up a bit, Dave will return to do the final grading around the lake, spreading the topsoil he set aside when he started the job. Then we can plant the groundcover that will help with erosion control. My mind is already hard at work imagining what it will look like then.

Monday, March 27th

Fred brought me to the Stork's Nest today so I could see the full lake for myself....just beautiful! I just love it!


The overflow conditions Matthew saw two weeks ago had disappeared. Here is the footbridge the children made and now the water level is down under the bridge.

Someone, perhaps Dave who created the lake, had placed this board from the dam to the grate and removed all the debris that had been blocking the grate.


In this photo, you can see the dogwoods we planted on our island. Gee, I hope they survive the move! Here you can see how much lower the water level is now.

We walked all the way around the lake. This photo was taken from the hill on the southeast side of the lake.


This is from inside the Master Bath. Won't this view be fabulous?

And this is from inside the Master Bedroom.


As we prepared to leave, we looked back toward the lake.

Friday, March 31st, 2006

Our Visitors!

On this gray, rainy day, we had to meet with the fireplace people for some final adjustments. As we looked out through the rain at our new lake, look what we saw! Ducks? Geese? How exciting to see some real wildlife inhabiting our new lake - though these would not be my first choice!


It was a group of five geese! Paddling around our lake, apparently oblivious of us! We think the two above were the mom and dad (Fred says they mate for life) as they stuck together wherever the whole flock went. The other three, we think, were the babies (though they were all the same size) as they were more playful and did not necessarily swim in unison like this pair.