The Stork's Nest

June 2006


Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Basement Floor...finally!

After weeks of prep work, by my sons Rick and Matt (with a little help from me) the day we poured the floor finally arrived.


As the sun came up, the concrete trucks and a pumper truck backed up to the house.


First they set the truck supports to the pump would not overturn.


Then they extended the pump pipes to reach the basement.


They are almost finished pumping the concrete into the basement, including their first pass as they smooth the concrete.


Using a long handled "floater" they made the surface smooth.


After allowing the concrete to set up and dry a bit, they went over the surface a second time to smooth it out some more.


They used knee boards to avoid footprints as they smoothed the surface by hand.

Looks nice, huh? But they still have one more pass.


The Week of June 4th

Removing the forms; cutting the lines; installing the furnace

Kevin cut lines in the new concrete to prevent it from cracking.


On Monday I told the HVAC guy that the floor was done. On Wednesday, he installed the furnace!


Our furnace is a geothermal system that circulates water in coils that lie at the bottom of the lake. The water coming into the house (through those two black pipes you see in the foreground) is always 55 degrees. Thus we only have to heat from 55 to 65 degrees. It works the same way for cooling the house, although with a whole house fan, we should only rarely need air conditioning. I was surprised to see the air conditioning system also has an automatic humidifier--I did not even know that! The system also heats the water in our hot water heater. The final hook-up will be completed when the plumber delivers the hot water heater.

The CHOICE Office was replacing their furniture, so on Friday we moved the old furniture into our playroom for the grandchildren. Someday the playroom floor will be covered with those rubber tiles that link together like puzzle pieces.


On Saturday, our grandson Ryan celebrated his 10th birthday in the lake with a bevy of little boys! 

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

Running Water!!!

This was very moment we flipped the switch for the first time on the pump in our well.

Out came cold, clear, sweet smelling, good pressure and good tasting water! What an exciting moment! 


We wanted to let it run awhile, so we washed everything in sight!...including the Gator and each other~ 

Wednesday, June 21st

Change is in the Wind!

Today was the first day for a new drywall crew.....long story, but suffice to say the first drywall guy started the job promising to finish in 2 weeks IN JANUARY! 'Nuff said! (Although he did a good job of hanging it, he was doing a horrible job of finishing). The new guys did some amazing work today, fixing the problems and say they will finish by Tuesday. Here Rex is tearing down some really bad drywall.


 Now he is shimming the wall to line it up properly. At noon, the lumber company delivered lumber to build the staircase and a wall along the side of the stairs. A finish carpenter will begin building that tomorrow. About the same time, the garage door folks arrived to fix a problem with the way they installed one of the garage doors...seems okay now.

Here they are taping the joints. Look how nice and thin and smooth the new joints are! At 3 PM I met with the plumber. He told me he had found my "lost" Jacuzzi.  He promised he would deliver both the tub and the hot water heater either tomorrow or Friday. Whew!!


Here he is scraping and sanding the too thick mud, preparing to refinish it. 


Thursday, June 22nd

Lot's happening!

First thing this morning, the framer's crew returned to install the LAST door! Finally the house can be secured! This is the sliding glass door for the downstairs.


Richie is holding the door while Chris caulks under it.

Then they attach the door to the wall and seal around the edges. 


Finally, they finish the siding around the door.

Meanwhile, the carpenter arrived and began building the wall behind the stairs and the drywall crew worked on! It looks like they will finish on time!


The caprenter, Tim, also built this temporary railing that technically meets code; protects my grandchildren from falling and will be replaced with ballisters when we get to the finished steps.

Meanwhile, the plumber arrived to deliver the hot water heater and the Jacuzzi!   


We had a HUGE thunderstorm this was exciting to watch it hit the lake...even caught this photo of fog rising off the lake after the storm.

Friday, June, 23rd

Stairs and Windows

Today was a relatively quiet day after the last two!. The drywall guy called and said because it was still raining he wanted to wait until Monday so the corners have more time to dry. He assured me he would still finish on time....Tuesday.

  Here Tim is cutting the notches in the stringer.


  The first stringer is all cut!

 All three stringers are cut. Tim is very meticulous...a "Type A" after my own heart!


When we left at 7 pm, he was building the landing. He said when he left tonight, he would walk up the stairs to leave the house! He must be a nightowl like me!

While Tim built stairs, Fred and I finished windows in the basement. Fred stained 3 windows and I put polyurethane on 4 windows that were already stained. 


After doing a postpartum visit tomorrow, I will go back again. Tim should finish the stairs tomorrow.

He has given me lots of great tips on how to finish the steps when we are ready: building the skirts, adding risers, replacing the treads and building the railing. If I am brave, I will try it myself. If not, I will hire Tim to finish them.