The Stork's Nest

July 2006

Thursday, June 30th

Wednesday night after work: I sort of "moved in" and Stephanie came to help.  

The drywall is done and I decided to pay them to spray the whole place with primer.

It looks SOOO great! ....more finished looking. 

Stephanie and I started painting. We painted the rooms that needed to be ready for cabinets (kitchen, guest bath, master bath and laundry). With the kitchen done,  we went shopping for the master bath and laundry room paint.

Matthew came very late this night after work (about 10 pm) to bring me a small TV from home and to put the electrical outlets and phone lines in two locations (family room and master bedroom) in preparation for the Satellite TV installation on Friday.  I found out that the cable company has NO plans to offer cable TV here (houses are too far apart) so I began to explore Satellite. My phone company was offering a special deal if I bundled telephone services (unlimited local and long distance, Caller ID, Call waiting, *69) with DSL and Satellite TV...but the offer ended Friday, June 30th. So I signed up. The phone services began immediately.   Hot and sweaty..and filthy, I went skinny dipping in the lake to bathe and wash my hair.

Friday, June 30th

More painting. We painted a bit more in the kitchen and I started the master bath (much more detail required in this room) and Stephanie's new boyfriend, Mike, came to help. They painted the laundry room and Steph painted around the cold air returns around the house because the HVAC guys called to say they would be here Monday to hook the system up and would be installing the floor grates and the cold air returns.  

The Satellite TV folks came and installed a dish. It turned out we were able to put it on the back (uphill) edge of the garage roof. It is not visible from the front of the house or from the lake. Works great, though too many choices of what to is going to take awhile to learn to use it.

In the evening Steph left and Matthew came to spend the night. I spent the evening scraping (drywall mud mess) and vacuuming the floors in rooms where cabinets will be installed so they would be level when the cabinets were installed. Matthew and I cleaned the Family Room and brought furniture up from the basement to furnish the Family Room and make a comfortable place for Heather and her newborn, Abby, to relax and watch TV. I again went skinny dipping to bathe and wash my hair (Matthew thoughtfully stayed in the house while I did this.) 

Saturday, July 1st

Master Bath

Guest Bath

Mike and Matt installed all the lower cabinets in the master bath, guest bath and kitchen so the countertop people will be able to measure on Thursday.

The cabinets are BEAUTIFUL!!! But it did not go exactly seems Home Depot did not take into consideration the yet to be installed drywall so NONE of the cabinets fit right. We did the best we could on the lower cabinets, but almost all the upper cabinets will have to be exchanged.

We discovered that one of the outlets in the kitchen was in the wrong place for one of the full height cabinets, so Matt cut a new hole and we went shopping for an "old work" box so we could move the box over about 6 inches.

While there, we also had a great time buying galvanized pipes to build a ladder (similar to a boat ladder) that will hook onto the edge of the "key" -- the concrete structure with a grate on top where the overflow water runs out of the lake. This will make it easier to get back out of the lake without stepping into least until we have a dock.

On Sunday, Heather, Damon, Trevor, Jeremy and baby Abby came. Matthew, Damon and I continued work on the cabinets. Heather and I also worked on windows....removing staples and bits of plastic left behind from the priming...and cleaning the window frames and sills. Fred came late in the afternoon and started cleaning the mess left behind in the basement by the carpenter when he built the stairs. Heather went grocery shopping for me. After dinner, Damon and drywall mud and dust). 

Monday, July 2nd



Fred and I worked today on scraping floors and vacuuming drywall dust (this is getting VERY old!) while the HVAC guys were working on the geothermal system. I also cleaned all the drywall mud off the old drywaller's (new) scaffolding and moved it into our walk-in closet...this took hours, but now it looks great. Not sure if he will ever get it back. It will be a long time before the built-ins are done and the scaffolding provides a place for us to hang clothes (on the sides) and store clean clothes (on the top) and hang wet towels...on the bars at the end.

 Fred finished cleaning the basement and did more scraping and vacuuming and helped me move more furniture and "stuff" from the basement to the appropriate rooms upstairs. 

Late in the afternoon, the HVAC guys turned on the system and in about 15 minutes the entire house was delightfully cool. It is quiet and works great. It will be interesting to see how much of a jump there will be in our electric bill here. I also found out that I can run just the fan in nice weather and it will pull cool air into the house from outside, but that will have to wait until the screens are installed. I am not sure when the humidifier will be used. They will be back on Thursday to hook that up and to hook up the hot water heater.  

Tuesday, July 4th

Matthew and Damon installed the laundry room cabinets today.

Matthew also brought some tools to help me finish installing the doorknob in the door between the kitchen and the garage. Now that the AC is working, I want to keep that door closed.

Matthew also prepared the wiring for the installation of DSL on Thursday. Yea!

Laundry Room

Friday, July 7th

On Friday, Damon brought Trevor and his friend, Daniel, for a celebration of Trevor's 13th birthday.

They were pretty much on their own...except for meals.

They spent a lot of time swimming and boating in the lake; made S'mores; had a bonfire; set of firecrackers; hiked in the woods; played video games; downloaded music to Trevor's new MP3 and set off firecrackers. I think theye had a good couple of days.

When I was not cooking I was scrubbing floors to remove the dried drywall mud.

Saturday, July 8th

After breakfast, Damon and Matthew began framing the deck for the Jacuzzi.


At the end of the day, Uncle Matt took Trevor and Daniel for a ride on the Gator.

Sunday, July 9th

Sunday morning Mike showed up at long last to work on the deck. He started on the part under the roof.

Done at last! This part will eventually be screened-in for bug-free outdoor eating and entertaining.


On  Monday, Mike came to spray this huge hornet's nest that is under the part of the deck he needs to work on next.



Saturday, July 15th


Mike and his son, Michael, worked on the deck today


And my appliances were finally delivered! Aside from the fact that I purchased them in December 2004, they were to finally be delivered on Thursday but the driver was afraid to come down the driveway....but today our driver was much braver!

Thursday, July 20th


This week I had to be in NY for some MANA business. This is Diane, MANA President and her husband, Bruce, in Central Park.

Saturday, July 22nd



We are hoping the plumber will finish his work this Thursday, so I need to tile the floors where he will set the toilets. This is the master bath toilet room. Here I was laying out the tiles dry...just to see how I wanted to do it.


Here Matthew is spreading the mortar that will be under the cement board in the bathrooms.


Matthew also put up the light fixture in the guest bath and hooked up the bathroom fan. This bathroom will have an "old world" look. I have a beautiful old mirror to hang here, but will wait until the countertops are in to hang it.


Grandsons Trevor (Heather's son - 13) and Kyle (Matthew's son - 6) decided to "upgrade" our rowboat with a chair and wagon.


Trevor and Kyle are spending the week with me.

Sunday, July 23rd


Early Sunday morning, Matthew and I were sharing a quiet moment on the deck before the boys woke up when we spotted this chipmunk not far from us.



Today I set the tile in both bathrooms. I don't have a tile cutter yet, so I only laid the full tiles. It was easier than I thought.  Mike is going to loan me a Rotozip to cut tile and a manual tile cutter. Matthew is going to borrow a wet saw for me to make my straight cuts.


Monday, July 24th



Kyle is learning to swim.


Here he is practicing floating.


Fred came late last night and this morning he weed-wacked all the tall weeds from around the house. In the afternoon he stained more windows (!) while Trevor washed windows. In the evening, Trevor and Kyle cleaned the house! Hmmm...I think I will just let them move in!

Trevor and Kyle, ready for bed.


Sunday, July 30th

Instead of working on tile today, my son, Matthew, and I (mostly Matthew) built a floating dock for the lake. Here you can see the framework with the four 55 gallon drums that will make it float!

It was HEAVY! When it was all put together and decked, Mike helped Matthew launch it into the lake.

There she goes!

It floats! Time to break out the champagne and christen it!

Trying it out myself. It was a VERY hot day...almost 90 and very humid. Moments later, after Mike and Matt pulled me along the shore to a deeper spot I had picked to anchor it....I tested the depth by jumping in...clothes and all...including my sandals....perfect!

Here it least temporarily anchored to the shore. About 5:30, after everyone left, I gathered my beach chair, shampoo and towels and enjoyed a skinny dip/bath all by myself It still needs another anchor and a wider boardwalk plus a ladder to get back up on it...but I love it!


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