The Stork's Nest

February 2006


Friday, February 10, 2006

When we arrived, we found the framer had returned to finish his "punch out list" including fixing the front door so finally the drywall could be hung around it.


You can really see the octagon ceiling in this photo, and the lighting cove all around it. In the foreground, you can see the soffit that will be over the kitchen breakfast bar.

This is part of the Master Bath. See the can lights in the soffit that will be over the cabinets, mirror, countertops and sinks?


The framer also wrapped the wood around the garage doors with this dark brown aluminum for a finished look. And he covered the blocks in the walls, where the carriage lights will be mounted, in a light tan aluminum. Finally, I can mount those lights!

Finally, at about 5:15 (2 hours late) the gas company delivered two of these propane supply propane to the fireplace and eventually, the gas grill that we will get for the deck.


We were there long after dark (until 8:15) while he hooked them up and tested the lines. Hopefully, the fireplace company will "fire up" the fireplace next week! Heat, at last!

Sunday, February 12th

I talked my son, Matthew, into meeting me to hook up the electricity to the fireplace so it will be all ready to go. He wired 5 outlets in the living room and tested the circuits. Now we are ready to "fire up" the fireplace this week!


I couldn't wait any longer...I also asked him to mount the coach lights by the garage!

And since the wood around the garage doors was now wrapped, he also installed and programmed the keyless entry pad to open the garage door using a code.


While we were at it, I had him wire the 3-way switches and the light fixtures for the workshop.

Since the dry wall was hung, it had gotten mighty dark in there.


And there was light!.

Wednesday, February 15th

Firing up the Fireplace

Steve wires the fireplace and checks for gas leaks.


Adam wires and installs the fireplace thermostat.

Fireplace is burning! I really need to take a photo of the fireplace at night. With the reflection in the glass from the bright sunlight, it is hard to see.


Close-up of burning logs.

Saturday, February 25th

The Lake

Since I had not been to the new house in a week, when I heard from Dan, the drywaller, that on Thursday they finished the dam and the lake was filling with water, I just HAD to go take a peek at this long awaited centerpiece of our plan!

These two photos....side by almost the whole lake. Both were taken from the deck. This photo shows the shallow end of the lake and the island. Where Fred is standing will eventually be underwater....(I believe the water will come up to where the rocks are in the foreground of this photo.


This photo is the deep end of the lake. We estimate the lake is now about 25% full. The white concrete structure in the dam on the right marks the height of the surface of the water when it is full. It was so exciting to see it filling up!

In this photo (taken from ground level under the deck), Fred is walking along the bank at about where the edge of the water will be. If you look at that far bank, you can see some lighter "spots" that are rocks pushed out of the lake. The water's edges should be close to those rocks when full.


Fred continues his stroll toward the dam. The excavator did a nice job of smoothing and landscaping the edges all around the lake, not to mention a lot of similar work he did all around the house before he left. He refilled the now settled dirt in the electrical ditch, around the septic system and our "front yard". It all looks quite neat and finished now. I was pleased.

Even though the water is still cloudy, it was lovely to watch the wind dance across the lake making shimmering patterns in the surface of the water. It will never be a boring view!


Here you can see Fred peering into the "key" though the grate in the top. It does put in perspective how much more water there will be when full.

If you look at the far end of the dam, near those large pines, you can see how Dave sculpted the earth to form a "backup overflow" in case the volume of water into the lake exceeds the ability of the key to release the water under the dam. If that were to happen, the water will run around that end of the dam and back into the creek (rather than go over the dam).

This is from the deep (dam) end of the lake looking back toward the house. I love how the house is reflected in the water. Won't that be exquisite in the fall when the leaves are all in glorious color? You can also see here how the deck will wrap around this end of the house along that bandboard between the lower and upper levels.


This is taken from the same spot...but along the far bank of the lake. The island is in the upper right corner, and most of the shallow end of the lake is still not under water.

You can see the bandboard even better in this photo. We should have a nice view from the deck all the way around. I also put a white line where Dave had spray-painted a mark on the ground to indicate the water's edge when full.


Here you can see what a nice job Dave did of grading the yard around the trees. I am anxious to finish the deck and do the stonework on the chimney now. On the far left, Dave graded the lake to be quite shallow and very gradual dropoff. Our plan is to dump a few loads of sand there and make a small beach for the little ones to play in the water.

This is a better shot of the beach where you can see how gradual the dropoff will be.


On a whim, Stephanie brought the boys for a quick peek at the filling lake. We are standing up on the hill here, at the back of the house, looking toward the island.

While there taking pictures, we saw that Dan and Todd had begun the mudding in the great room. It seems like it is going to take a LONG time to complete this step!


The exciting news was that they had put up plastic to hold in the heat and were heating the great room with just the fireplace, on low.....and it was over 70 degrees in there!