The Stork's Nest

December 2006

Friday, December 1st

Big Windstorm!

Friday we had a huge windstorm with 60 mph winds as the temperature dropped from high 60s to low 30s. While I was out clearing the grate of debris, I heard a loud crack. I looked up but did not see it at first. Then realized a small tree (one I knew was dead) had fallen on the house. I was heartbroken!

It doesn't look too bad, but ruined the seamless gutter and leafguard and poked a 2" hole in the roof. Chris, the tree cutter, Damon and Matthew came on Saturday to take the tree down and make temporary repairs. The framer will come Wednesday to give me an estimate of repairs.

In preparation for the stonework, Fred and I began painting the octagon room. It is white like the primer, but a softer white. It was a challenge to paint the lighting cove.

While we worked, I noticed it was snowing. The lake has started to freeze for the very first time and you can see the snow on the ice at the far side (shallow side) of the lake. Lovely...even in winter.

Tuesday, December 5th

The stonework begins!

The first stone arrived today! It is just what I dreamed it would be!

First Todd cut out the drywall and put up OSB to support the stone.

The small slot above the fireplace is where the mantelpiece will go...only it will extend almost the entire width of the wall. The wall is 12' and the mantel is 11'3".

After Todd left for the day, I could not resist. I brought some of the stones in and piled them up against the wall so I could contemplate what it would look like finished.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

More Stonework and Decking

Todd, the stone guy, started the base for the stonework on the front porch today.

And Todd, the deck guy, completed the last large section of deck and the first section of catwalk....well, almost completed it. It only needs the fascia board on the outside edge and then I can begin decking it.


Thursday morning I awoke to a light snowstorm! And part of the lake is frozen, too!

Will I ever get tired of this view?


Friday morning it was clear, but now the whole lake is frozen and covered with snow.

I do love the way the bare trees cast their shadows on the lake.

  Monday, December 11th

Everything came to a shattering halt!

As many of you know, on this day Fred and I had finally gotten the "hang" of doing the decking. The work was going so fast and so well, in fact, that we were really reluctant to quit....even when it got dark and cold and we were both tired...just a few more boards to go to finish the last big section of deck before the catwalk starts. (See photo at right - maybe 4-5 boards to go!) It was so cold that the wet boards were starting to freeze. I had my right foot on the small piece of board I was cutting off and when I finished the cut that icy board slid across the edge of the deck and I followed - saw in hand! I fell about 15 feet and shattered my left arm at the wrist and shoulder.

I won't bore you with the gorey details, but I ended up with surgery to put me back together again with plates and screws. All work on the deck has stopped and I am pretty much bedridden for awhile. Oh well...guess I needed a rest until spring anyway.

Sunday, December 31st

The work goes on without me.

Today, Matthew drove out to the Stork's Nest to take some pictures so I could see the progress that has been made in the last 3 weeks. Here you can see the catwalk as it wraps around the lake side of the house, past the master bedroom and master bath and turns the corner to the back of the house.

It is kind of hard to figure this photo out, but you are looking out the sliding glass door in the master bath onto the deck on the back of the house where we hope, someday, to have a hot tub. The catwalk connects to this deck on the left.

Meanwhile, Todd has been continuing the stonework. This is the covered porch outside the kitchen. Eventually, this part of the porch will be screened-in. The stone is mostly up, but the mortar between the stones has not yet been done.

I just love the color of the stone and its rustic look really sets off the cedar ceiling! The door and window lead into the kitchen.

In the photo to the left you can see Todd is starting to prepare the walls around the front door for more stone. The part of the porch around the front door will not be screened-in.

Hopefully, by the time I have recovered, all the stonework, inside and out, will be completed.

Happy New Year!


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