The Stork's Nest

August 2006

Tuesday, August 1st

Now that I am spending so much time at the Stork's Nest alone, it seemed like a good idea to get a dog, so today I bought a new Yellow Lab puppy. Her name is Molly and she if 4 months old. She looks and behaves just like our beloved Emma!

Even though the breeder told me she had never been swimming, when we arrived at the Stork's Nest on Thursday, she went hippity-hopping down the hill and dove right into the lake! She is going to love it here!

When anyone is swimming, she has to go swimming, too!

This is one happy dog!

The Rest of August....I lost track of dates

Fred and I began fitting and cutting the hardybacker board that will be the underlayment for our ceramic tile floors.

Here we are laying out the tiles for the kitchen and pantry.

Kyle and Matthew begin spreading mortar in the pantry.

Kyle was a BIG help!

Kyle even learned to use the trowel to spread the mortar.

Molly loves Kyle, too!

Dad and Kyle race radio controlled boats on the lake...while Molly looks on.



Matthew hooked up the vanity lights in the Master Bath. The upper cabinets, mirror, countertops and sinks are still to come.

Once the hardybacker board is fit, mortared into place and nailed and screwed to the floor, we spread mortar and laid the tiles. When that was dry, I spread the grout between the tiles.

Next I laid out the tile for the Jacuzzi deck.

This looks awful, but this is the Guest bath after the grout has been spread....but before I started wiping the tiles clean.

Kyle took the rowboat out for a spin by himself and decided to "drop anchor" (a half cinderblock) in the middle of the lake. However, when he tried to pull the anchor back into the boat, he couldn't quite get it back into the boat! He was stuck!

So Dad had to swim out to the boat to rescue him!

After Dad lifted the anchor into the boat, Kyle rowed him back to the dock.

Now Matthew is racing his gas powered, radio controlled boat around the lake! It really flies!

With the tile floor completed and the lower cabinets installed in the kitchen, Matthew wires the wall oven/microwave we are about to put into the cabinet.

Once wired, Fred and Matthew lift the oven/microwave into the cabinet. It was heavy! Here Matthew is screwing it to the wall cabinet.

I loved doing this. This is the mosaic I created around the Jacuzzi deck. It is all mortared and grouted here.

I still have to caulk around the mosaic and, of course, put trim around the windows.

The Jacuzzi is in place. Eventually, the front of the Jacuzzi deck will be covered with cherry wood to match the cabinets in the Master Bath.

Grampy taught Kyle how to snorkel. I think he's got it!

The kitchen floor tiles are laid and ready for grout. Fred got pretty good at cutting the tiles with the "wet saw."

Here Fred is just finishing "floating" the grout in the kitchen.

After it dries a bit, I washed the grout off the tiles and shaped the corner joints with my fingers until I had no fingerprints left!

The kitchen floor is done and the lower cabinets are in. Matthew has just hooked up the kitchen lights.

It took us an entire day, but Matthew and I installed the cove lights in the living room and dining room! They are on dimmers so they can be adjusted to suit the mood.

I couldn't resist...I had to walk to the far side
of the lake to take photos of the house all lit up at night!

Below is the view from the covered porch...looking down the driveway.

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