The Stork's Nest

April 2006


Monday, April 11, 2006

Spring has sprung!

We are anxious for the spring rains to stop so Dave (who made our lake) can come back and spread topsoil around the lake so we can plant some groundcover and make it look green all around. As I walked around the lake today, I noticed little frogs jumping into the lake ahead of me as I approached. Spring is here!

This was an exciting moment. Remember the three dogwoods we had Dave move to the island? If you look closely, it appears those three trees are in bud! Looks like they may have survived the move!


Another view of the house from across the lake.

Hopefully, the next photos will show the trees with leaves.

  Saturday, April 22, 2006



Our property is on the left...the truck is in the drive. The first two trees need to be trimmed and the next two are totally dead. The last one (which you cannot see) is covered with grapevines.



We did not get to the first two trees today. The next two are now gone and the last one is free of vines.

To get warmed up, Chris first cut off a stump at ground level.


Smooth and even with the ground.


Notice this dead tree had two halves. Chris first had to clear the briars from the base of the tree.


You can see how big these dead trees are and although there are no wires on our side of the road, they are easily tall enough to take out the wires on the other side of the road, if the tree falls the wrong way -- which is why Chris is doing this job instead of us!

First he cuts off the smaller half of the tree.


That was quick! Now he will cut it up into logs.


Next he tied the tree to another one in the direction he wanted it to fall (the rope can't be seen in this photo) and cut a wedge out of the side toward where he wanted it to fall. Then he cut toward the wedge from the opposite side of the tree....but left about 2" in the center. Then he pulled it down using the rope.


There she goes!! Perfect fall!

The next tree was even bigger. Chris hooked up a pulley system that would pull the tree where he wanted it to fall, but would allow him to be at right angles to the rope when pulling the tree down.


With the rope cinched up tight, he began making his cuts.


You can see the wedge he cut out of the down side of the tree. He then cut partway toward the center on each side before making his cut from the other side of the tree.


Chris is out of the picture here, pulling the end of the rope to the left as the tree slowly began to fall....again, perfectly!


Chris used some kind of a "saddle" to tie himself into this small Hackberry tree.


The goal was to cut all the grapevines out of the tree. It was totally encased!

I was praying the whole time as he climbed higher and higher on those tiny branches...scary to watch!


As he got toward the top, he began trimming and pulling the grapevines from the tree branches. I could not believe how many there were!

As he went along, he also neatly trimmed dead or broken branches.


Now doesn't that tree look a lot happier?

Late in the afternoon, I went down to the house to move some wood around and clean up around the house. What did I hear? Loud honking! Our geese had returned!


Weren't they beautiful when they swam over to the part of the lake that was still in the sunshine?

After a spin around the lake, they climbed out onto the island.


Apparently that was to get onto the "runway" for if you look closely, you can see they are just taking off here. The one on the left was already airborne!