The Stork's Nest

Summer 2005

The Long, Slow Summer

May 26th: We finally got our garage doors!


Fred and I were traveling for six weeks
during the summer - to Australia! -
so little was accomplished
in our absence.

Aug 20th: The cedar ceiling for our
screened-in porch is begun.


Finished! At least this part of it.



August 2005 - A 10 month marathon!

Getting electricity became a priority! Matthew
hired some friends of Damon's who came
in to save the day and finally finish up
the electrical circuits in preparation
for the electrical inspection.


John did such a nice, neat job
on the electric panel.

Matthew and Jamie sorted out all the


Our very own electric meter
is mounted on the house.

September, 2005

Clearing the Lake Site and Building the Dam

The lake site has been cleared. Fires
burned for 2 weeks!


If you look closely, you can see the
"Y" shaped creek crossing the site.

This will be the view of the lake
from the deck (on the right is the chimney).


To put it in perspective, this photo was taken
from the far side of the lake site, looking
back toward the house.

Staining and finishing of the windows
continues. This is beginning to feel like
an endless job!


This should give you some idea of the view
we will have of the lake when it is finished.

Sept. 17th: The bulldozers begin to dig the lake.
First, they buried all the tree stumps.


Then they scraped off all the topsoil and put it
aside. Next they shaped the lake, covering
it with a layer of clay soil.

As they dug, they found several springs!


As I watched, it was hard to make sense
of what they were doing. But in the end,
it looked great!

Every little boy's dream: Kyle loved watching
the big machines at work!


Dave cleared some trees and stumps
from the "yard", too!

September 20th, 2005

We finally passed our electrical inspection!

We did not pass the inspection the first time
and would not have passed this day either
if Matthew had not been there! He cheerfully
began fixing minor things as the inspector
found them! What a blessing he is to us!


This is the pressure tank for the water well.
We have not turned it on yet, but it is ready.



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