2004 Women's Weekend

Annual Family Women's Retreat

(No children, no men!)

Labor Day Weekend was our annual family "Women's Weekend" at the Stork's Nest. Above are the women of our family who attended this year:

1st row (left to right): Abby, Melissa (Rick's wife), my daughter Heather with her dog, Minnie.

2nd row: My niece, Stacey (and behind Stacey, her daughter, Lindsay - invited for one night with special permission), my niece Kathy with her lab, Rock, my daughter, Rene', and Dani (Rene's daughter) attending her first official Women's Weekend!

We spent a lot of time just sitting around the campfire talking...day and night!

(Left to Right) My daughter, Heather, my niece, Kathy, and my daughter-in-law, Melissa.

And, of course, a lot of time cooking and eating. Here Danielle showed us how to make her special recipe for homemade chicken nuggets!

And Heather helped us all prepare campfire baked potatoes -- each made individually with our favorite contents and individually designed wraps so we could pick out our own potatoes after they cooked.

Melissa was voted the best cook with her pasta and bean salads!

Everyone agreed that our favorite meal was Heather's Taco Salad...yummmm! And of course, what would our Women's Weekend be without our favorite dessert -- S'mores!

Dani and Lindsay were the cooks the night we had the chicken nuggets and they did a great job of it while we played cards in the shade of the dining tent.

The weather was wonderful -- clear, warm (sometimes hot!) and pleasant. We took a hike, ate, did some work, ate, played cards, ate, talked, ate, played games, ate, played in the water, ate, talked some more and ate.

But it was not all play. Since Mike, the Miracle Worker, (our builder) was there working on the building of our dream house and the girls wanted some exercise, they pitched in and shoveled and raked gravel in preparation for the pouring of the cement floors. Here Heather is really putting some muscle behind her shoveling!

In case you wondered, this is hard, hot work...but being Kinne women, they were up to the task!

We were a bit less enthusiastic about working the next day.....everyone had sore muscles!

So we took a break and played some games. Melissa taught us how to play "Amish Dice"...a fast and furious game with lots of laughter! (You had to be there!)

We also played Triple Yatchzee, but after our rousing game of Amish Dice, it seemed a bit slow.

But is WAS a good way to stay cool in the hot, late afternoon sun.

...and we spent a lot of time just talking between turns.

Dani discovered she had forgotten her towel whenshe took her solar shower. Kathy, kindly and
S L O W L Y, brought her a towel...but not before Grammy threatened to take her picture (all you can see are Dani's feet)! And we all enjoyed Dani's screams of protest about having her picture taken in the shower!

Rene' sacrificed her favorite shoes (that were lately causing her foot pain) to our campfire.

Most nights we played Canasta...often into the wee hours of the morning!

Dani and Lindsay renewed their friendship and we all promised to get together more often.

Kathy and Melissa discovered they must be "kin" because their thumbs match!

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