MANA 2003 Conference

Hyatt Regency - Austin, Texas

October 26, 2003 to November 4th, 2003

Opening Ceremonies

We were entertained by a local band during the reception.

Then the local Conference Crew was introduced.

Diane Holzer introduced the MANA Regional Representatives. . .

and the MANA Executive Council.

Fire Dance

General Sessions

Our Keynote Speaker was introduced by Mary Ann Shah,
President of the ACNM, and Diane Holzer, President of MANA.

Sister Angela Murdaugh gave a moving
and inspirational Keynote Address.

Ashley Kraft, President of the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery (FAM)
reported FAM's accomplishments this year and their vision for the future.

2003 Sage Femme

Helen Jolly Nelson began her midwifery career in the Dallas
area in 1976, working with a labor and delivery nurse
and a family practice doctor. She is a founding member
of the Association of Texas Midwives, the Midwives Alliance
of North America and the North Texas Midwives.

In her 27 years as a midwife, she has trained countless
midwives and participates in the Association of Texas
Midwives Midwife Training program. Last year,
Helen took and passed the NARM written examination.


Statistics Extravaganza

Ken Johnson and Betty-Anne Daviss presented the results of the CPM2000 Project.
They announced that the study is complete, is currently being reviewed and will soon be submitted for publication.
Retiring MANA Board Members Honored

MANA honored many retiring members of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. Ashley Kraft was honored for serving as both Region 9 Representative and for many years as MANA Secretary.

Julia Knight-Williamson was honored for serving MANA as the Region 5 Representative.

Conference Coordinator

Janie Cravens was presented with a beautiful handmade quilt.

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