MANA 2003
Board Meeting

Hyatt Regency - Austin, Texas

October 26, 2003 to November 4th, 2003


Diane Holzer
MANA President

Abby J. Kinne
1st Vice President

Joan Green
2nd Vice President


Trinlie Wood

Kelley Daniel

BJ Mackinnon
Region 1 Representative


Linda McHale
Region 2 Representative

Marina Alzugaray
Region 3 Representative

Gera Simkins
Region 4 Representative

Julia Knight-Williamson
Region 5 Representative

Maggie Bennett
Region 6 Representative

Martha McBride
Region 9 Representative

Carolina Alcocer
Region 10 Representative - Mexico

Our Hard-Working

Board of Directors

Sheila Simms-Watson
Midwives of Color Section Representative

Well . . . SOMETIMES Hard-Working

Our meeting commenced with the presentation of a ceremonial gavel to our esteemed president!

Then Debbie Pulley brought us each a rubber nose!

Abby and Joan just HAD to try on
Trinlie's sexretary sunglasses!

In a brief serious moment,
Ashley and Gera gave the FAM Report.

And then there was the Joint Boards Meeting!

Diane (the queen bee) introduced our board, dressed to represent their job/region.

Then the MEAC Board entertained us.

(NARM Board member disguised
as MEAC Board member.)

Ashley Kraft reported for FAM.
Joint Boards Meeting
Ida Darraugh reported for NARM.

Susan Hodges reported for CfM
Midwives Alliance of North America

North American Registry of Midwives

Midwifery Education
and Accreditation Council

Foundation for the
Advancement of Midwifery

Citizens for Midwifery

National Association of
Certified Professional Midwives

Mary Lawlor reported for NACPM.

MANA Board members listened attentively.

As night fell in Austin, the Joint Boards gathered under the bridge to see the phenomenal exodus of bats!

Oops...that's not an Austin bat . . .that's a Michigan bat!

  And then we all shared dinner together.  
That Debbie!
You can't take her anywhere!

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