ACNM 48th Annual Meeting and Exhibit

Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa

Palm Desert, CA

May 30, 2003 - June 5, 2003


This first day, Saturday, was the only free time we had to explore the area, so Diane, Carol, Gera and I decided to drive to the tramway in the nearby mountains.

Partway up the mountain, we parked our car and boarded this bus for the last haul to the tramway.

Gera, Diane and Carol riding to the tramway in the open bus.

Even from the BOTTOM of the tramway, it looked like we were up pretty high!

Off we go! Imagine our chagrin when we discovered the tram rotated as it went up...there was nothing to hold on to!

The worse part was crossing each tower! The tram would seem to slow and then swing freely after it crossed the tower!

Debbie made a wise decision when she chose to "pass" on this adventure. She would have hated it.

Check out those brave smiles! We couldn't hold on to the tram, so we held onto each other!

Look how far down the valley is now! I think we are higher than the airplanes!

Whew! We made it to the top! Now Gera can hold on to something solid!

Diane, Carol and Abby made it, too!

A fellow adventurer kindly took a photo of all of us together.

Diane, Gera and Carol decided to hike down the other side of the mountain.

There they go. Going down doesn't look too bad...but I keep thinking about climbing back up again!

Meanwhile, I kept climbing up to the observation platform at the top of the mountain!

And made friends with "Sean" (You know, Sean Connery in "The Rock"?)

And finally they returned from their hike...none the worse for wear!

And we headed down the mountain again. What a great day!

We survived the adventure...and have this picture to prove it! Diane, Abby, Gera and Carol


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