Joint Board of Directors Meeting


Spring 2003 - Scottsdale, Arizona

MANA Spring Board Meeting


Our meetings were intense, as usual, and issues were frequently addressed with passion!

Maggie, Gera, Annie, Sheila and Linda

It must be early in the weekend...
Ashley is still smiling!


Joint Boards Share Dinner Together

Friday Night

Ashley, Joanne, Paula, Susan, Linda, Ida, Suzanne

Kelley, Carolina, Maggie, Sheila, Joan, Elizabeth, Carol, Debbie

Diane, Annie, Madrona, Julia, Marina, BJ, Martha, Gera

Did I mention there was a motorcycle
rally in town??? -- Hundreds of them!!!


Joint Board Meeting

Saturday Morning

Each organization made a presentation to the group about what has been accomplished this year.
Here, Diane is speaking to the group about MANA.

Then it is MEAC's turn.
Clearly the most creative of the boards, they presented their accomplishments in the form of a song!

Mary Ann, Suzanne, Jodie, Mary, Jessica

Elizabeth, Ellie, Jo Anne

Some of the MEAC Board were more animated than others!

Elizabeth and Ellie


As if that was not enough, MEAC then presented a hilarious skit to demonstrate what MEAC does.
(You had to be there!)

Mary Ann, Suzanne and Diane demonstrate "typical" calls that come into the "ME-AC" office.

Elizabeth, Ellie and Jodie

Suzanne and Ellie

Jo Anne

The Troupe

Jodie, Suzanne, Elizabeth, Ellie, Mary Ann, Jessica, Mary and baby, Diane, Shannon, Jo Anne


MANA Board Meeting

Sunday Morning

Julia, Gera, Annie (and her amazing hair), Sheila, Ashley

Gera, Annie, Sheila, Ashley
Whoa! Ashley must be excited...she is not typing!


Joint Board Meeting

Sunday Afternoon


MANA and NARM Boards Have a Lunch Meeting

Monday Afternoon

Ida, Kelley and Julia


Maggie and Shannon


This was the most wonderful and healing meeting of the whole weekend!

Ever wonder what happens when the Advocate
leaves the room with someone who is upset?
Oops! Caught in the Act!

Our intrepid Secretary...still smiling after FOUR days of typing minutes!

Kelley and Abby

Abby...hmmm...what was she talking about?

During the weekend, the MANA Board created an "altar" of sorts with items meaningful to each of us.

Kelley and Debbie...heading home.

Kelley looks tired. Debbie is just covering up with sunglasses!

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