Memorial Day Weekend

Family Campout


Planting Flowers at Emma's Grave

Ryan and Nicholas watched Grammy plant flowers for Emma.


First Night's Campfire




Cutting Down Dead Trees

Rick cuts down a dead tree.

Melissa supervises.

Michael thinks that chainsaw is LOUD!

That tree just wouldn't go down!

Matthew and Bill cut up the tree.

Matt begins splitting the logs.

Michael thinks he can split the logs, too!


Yummy Meals

Rene' cooks her famous ribs!

Stephanie roasts hot dogs for the children.



Ray and Nicole...ahhh, young love!

We sure know how to play!

Michael plays with Kyle's truck


Grampy brought his SuperSoaker!

Ray pumps up the SuperSoaker.

Ray getting ready to ambush his cousins.

Ryan and Michael chase Ray!

Heather takes all the kids for a ride on the "Gator"

Kyle helps Heather drive.

In the back: Jeremy, Ryan, Nicholas, Dani, Michael, Trevor and Daniel

(Minnie wants to go, too!)

Some serious "Quad" riding

Look what happened to Rick and Matt's pants and boots!

Ray and Nicole ride the quad.

Nicole's driving??? !!!

Oh my! Looks like they had fun!

Did I say it was a little wet at the Stork's Nest?

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